How to Pack your Items

Please ensure that all of your equipment is packed securely before being collected by DPD.

It is vital that you package your equipment securely before it is collected by our courier. This ensures that no damages or losses occur, and that your machine/s arrive safely at our lab.

We are not liable to replace or repair machines that are damaged or lost in transit due to poor packaging.

It is entirely up to the customer to ensure that their equipment is packaged properly. Please see our shipping policy page to review how much compensation would be given for any loss of equipment - this is the base courier rate of £12 per kilo using our free DPD collection service. Otherwise, you can pay £10 for further insurance whilst placing your order, which covers costs up to £1000.

The Correct Way to Pack

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  • - Please place all items in a secure box, including your machine and leads.
  • - Ensure items are wrapped in protective packaging such as bubble wrap, loose fill chips, packing peanuts etc.
  • - Place any necessary paperwork within the box so that we can identify you. 
  • - Secure your outer packaging with tape, allowing room for DPD to affix their label.
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Please Do Not...

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  • - Please do not send your equipment just in your machine's plastic container/box.
  • - There must be strong external packaging - please do not just wrap your machine in plastic bags and tape.
  • - Please ensure there is identifying paperwork either inside or outside of the package - leave it blank, and we won't know who you are!
  • - Please don't include machines that are not named on your order; if you are having more than one machine calibrated, you can send these together in the same box, or separately (DPD can produce multiple labels for the same collection).
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