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Electrical Test Equipment calibrated

CalibrationCalibration Services

Multi-Function Tester Calibration

Multi-function Testers also known as MFT’s are used by electrical workers to measure the performance of electrical installations and provide the user with an extensive range of tests from, RCD,...
CalibrationCalibration Services

PAT Tester Calibration

PAT testers are amongst the most commonly used pieces of test equipment and are relied on by many businesses and users such as handymen/caretakers. Calibration is important because, after time...
CalibrationCalibration Services

Insulation / Continuity Tester Calibration

To test an insulation and continuity tester, we make sure that the output voltage for every insulation range conforms to manufacturer specification. We also test the full range of the...
CalibrationCalibration Services

Loop Impedance Tester Calibration

To test a loop tester, we apply a range of values between the minimum capability of your device and the maximum possible value according to manufacturers standards. If working correctly,...
CalibrationCalibration Services

RCD Tester Calibration

To test an RCD tester, we perform a general operational test, make sure the device is carrying a current according to the manufacturer’s standards and check each current output range,...
CalibrationCalibration Services

Handheld Multimeter Calibration

The Multimeter is a very important tool for any electrician, from initial electrical installation to checking the condition of electrical equipment. The instrument provides the user with several tests and...
CalibrationCalibration Services

Clamp Meter Calibration

Clamp meters are tested in a similar fashion to multimeters, where the values of the tester are put through steps between the minimum and maximum to ensure it performs correctly...
CalibrationCalibration Services

Checkbox Calibration

When testing a calibration checkbox we like to make sure that we accurately and thoroughly test every possible output from the checkbox. If permittable, we also check that the checkbox...
CalibrationCalibration Services

Earth Resistance Tester Calibration

These devices are extremely similar to a milliohm meter, however, they are capable of testing higher resistances as well. We test these units in much the same way as a...
CalibrationCalibration Services

Voltage Indicator Calibration

Voltage Indicator & Proving Device Calibration Voltage Indicator & Proving Device Manufacturers we Calibrate Beha-Amprobe, CATU, Chauvin Arnoux, Di-Log, FLIR, Fluke, Gedore, HD Electric, Kewtech, Klein, Martindale, Megger, Metrohm, PCE,...
CalibrationCalibration Services

Multi-Function Tester Calibration (FREE P&P)

Free DPD collection & delivery included. MFT Manufacturers we Calibrate Amprobe, Chauvin Arnoux, Di-Log, Fluke, Kewtech, Martindale, Megger, Metrel, Seaward and more. If you want to check before booking your...

We Calibrate Electrical Test Equipment from All Leading Manufacturers


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